Complaint to HOA  
North Meadows West Homeowners Association  
4632 Gleaming Meadows St  
N LAs Vegas  
702 307 4148  
I am writing because I had received a letter regarding Landscaping of my yard. I would like to let you know that EVERY WEEK I do maintain my yard and I feel this was a letter that was sent unnecessarily. Next door to my house there are 2 houses that are more of a mess than mine. The yards are not maintained, weeds all over the place, circulars in the doorways, etc. What is being done about that?????? I feel your people should concentrate more on those houses. Also, in riding through the neighborhood there are ALOT of other homes/yards that are neglected. Maybe, someone should pay better attention to WHO takes care of their homes than others. I truly do not appreciate having received this letter especially when I do keep my home maintained. I look forward to having a respond to this matter.